14 Times Indians Donned Hilarious Tshirts like a Boss and we just couldn’t help Gawking

It would not be wrong to say that the way you dress up speaks a lot about you. After all, our sartorial preferences and choices are a reflection of who we are and how we think. Don’t we tend to make a mental sketch of people by merely looking at them and their attire, unless of course, you know them well? A lady dressed in a short skirt immediately conveys a modern mentality while a salwar kameez clad woman will undoubtedly hint at a traditional and conservative lifestyle. However, it differs from case to case and not everything visible to the eyes is accurately perceived by the mind.

Now that we are talking about people’s sartorial preferences, let us take a quick look at these Indians who donned hilarious tshirts like a boss and left us scratching our heads. RIP humor, though!

1. This self-proclaimed leader doesn’t need followers. Please spare him!

2. Not sure if he is wearing his wife’s tee or does he really love his Husband!

3. Good Lord! Is he celebrating or mourning 9/11? 

4. Too bright for our eyes!

5. When clothes can do the talking, why should we bother our tongue?!

6. Girls, better luck next time!

7. Presenting the first male Blonde! Someone enter his name in the Guinness Book of World Records, PLEASE…

8. Skeletons wanting to expand their family and look who is endorsing them!

9. This man is so damn f*cked up!

10. We found another self-styled Godman! 

11. What a sport, Mr. Gadkari! 

12. Someone dial 100, quick!! 

13. The most eligible bachelor is waiting! 

14. I can only thank God he didn’t choose a downwards facing arrow! This one’s still bearable….

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