5 Flattering Sandal Options That Should Replace ‘Dirty’ Chappals Right Now

After spending a good amount of time and eye-sight in the no-fly-zone that is the comments section in a polarizing Facebook post, we’ve come to the sweet conclusion that we (Indians) and our top-grossing and Internationally acclaimed celebrities with million of rupees and expensive cars and what not—love wearing chappals. And by love, we mean…LOVEEE! And, since we can’t change any of your dirty habits, or change your ways or inspire you to do better…or stop you from getting a fungal infection (LOL)—we’ve decided to come up with an alternate option. An option that would save us some anxiety and a lot of mean-spirited comments. No, we are not giving away free pedicures or toe-cleaning appointments with doctors. What we are offering is a comprehensive-yet-pocket-friendly guide to getting oneself a sartorially superior piece of footwear. One that’ll help you escape the chappal brigade! 

Hit it!

1. A pair of Gladiator-inspired sandals that are a perfect match for distressed jeans

Priced at INR 1199

© Koovs

2. A pair of sleek, gentleman-ly sandals that are perfect for someone who works in an arty start-up! 

Priced at INR 1950

© Jabong

3. These black and studded sandals that are perfect for a house party! 

Priced at INR 750

© Ajio

4. For someone who loves a good grip (pun intended)!  

Priced at INR 650

© Ajio

5. For the millennial man who is into Kohlapuri sandals! 

Priced at INR 1895

© Myntra

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