6 of Radio 2’s most hilarious on-air moments of 2017

We love nothing more than a tale of underdogs rising against the odds. And while that’s not quiiiiite what we got with this story from listener ‘Rob,’ read aloud by Simon Mayo, it was still an absolute rib-tickler.

Rob, a member of a “very, very amateur” rugby team, organised a tour to Benidorm. A combination of language barriers, and Rob’s slight over-egging of his team’s talents, led to a somewhat unexpected situation.

After a whole day and night of partying, Rob’s team turned up to meet a side who looked a whole lot more professional. “The guys warming up looked quite good, and young, and fit, and well-rested…and sober. It turned out we were lining up against the Spanish Under 23 national team. To put this further into perspective, the average age of our team was 38, staying below 40 thanks mainly to two 19-year-olds, read Simon. “Almost all of the team were what would be considered to be unfit, and we had our oldest tour party member, our 78-year-old club president, starting in scrum half.”

In front of 600 members of a paying crowd, Rob’s team were defeated 106 nil. “That was only because we had to stop after 55 minutes, because we were incapable of moving any more.”

Well, what can we say? Good on them for trying – even if they didn’t score any tries.

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