A body language expert just determined who wins ‘The Bachelor’ finale

We’re only moments away from finding out which lucky lady has ~officially~ stolen Richie’s heart in The Bachelor finale tonight but of course there’s always time for more spoilers!

Earlier today, The Daily Mail obtained photos that they claim show Alex as the winner of Single Ladies Survivor… And it was pretty damn compelling evidence.

But nowwwwww there’s new “evidence” in the form of a body language expert (lol), which favours Nikki as the winner #BOMBSHELLSEVERYWHERE.

This morning the final two, Alex Nation and Nikki Gogan, sat down with KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O, who did everything they could to try and make them slip up.

But despite being SUPER careful not to spill the beans, the girls were caught out by body language expert Damien Diecke, who was watching their every move. And he reckons it was VERY clear that Nikki has won.

How? Well, first of all, Damien noticed that Alex had a “fake smile” every time she answered a question.

Then, when Kyle asked about Richie’s alleged ‘troubles’ in the bedroom, Nikki did a quick head shake and looked straight at Alex. When she said “I don’t know,” Nikki did the same.

Damien also spotted Nikki constantly pursing her lips (a sign that she’s withholding info), as well as Alex doing lots of over-talking and the ‘it’s all ok’ attitude, which he reckons was her way of compensating for her loss.

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And if that wasn’t enough proof that Nikki is Richie’s number one girl, this afternoon Alex put her foot in it… once again.

News.com.au asked what Richie thought of those horrible rumours about her ex-boyfriend and she replied “I haven’t spoken to Richie since being on the show.” But just yesterday, Richie said that he’s had a few top-secret dates with his new love since filming wrapped.

Or was that her way of tricking us? And has she been fooling us this whole time into thinking Nikki won?! Sah many questions! Just put us out of our misery already!!! Luckily there’s not long to go now, BRING ON THE FINALE!!!

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