ANIME NEWS: ‘PPAP’ viral hit singer Pikotaro to go anime on TV this summer

After going viral worldwide with comedy song “PPAP” (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen), funnyman Pikotaro is ready to go anime with his own series premiering this summer.

“Pikotaro no Lullaby Lu-llaby” will start its run on television and the dTV streaming service.

Based on original ideas by Pikotaro’s producer Daimao Kosaka, who will also provide music for the series, the anime is an unscripted project.

For each episode, Pikotaro will improvise a three-minute fairy tale inspired by an illustration drawn by director Takashi Taniguchi. Pikotaro will appear in original stories based on “The Little Match Girl,” “Little Red Riding Hood” and other beloved tales while the comedian will voice every character.

The anime is being produced by DLE Inc., a flash animation studio best known for “Secret Society Eagle Talon.” With the series also planned for worldwide release, Pikotaro seems set to take over the world again.

The key visual by Taniguchi sees Pikotaro in his anime form sleeping in a field as he blows snot bubbles featuring Cinderella, the Little Match Girl and other fairytale characters.

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