Cancer Survivor’s Message of Hope, Faith Goes Viral on Facebook

Every Friday at 6 p.m. Sarah Anderson goes live on Facebook, interacting with thousands of followers who are inspired by her story of survival.

“I was 18, a new mother, going through Stage 4 head and neck cancer,” she said.

Anderson had no symptoms at first other than a toothache that wouldn’t go away.

“If it wasn’t for me being pregnant, the doctor said I would have never found out that I was Stage 4,” she said. “My daughter saved my life.” 

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Anderson was only six months pregnant when her daughter was born. Just a few days later she underwent a 23-hour surgery to remove the cancer and reconstruct her jaw, using bone and skin from her left leg. 

“You don’t have to be doing anything wrong in your life,” she said. “It’s just certain things God sees fit for us to go through so that he could show the world that I’m still here, I’m still God, and I’m still working miracles. And I think that’s what he used my life for.”

Several of Anderson’s Facebook videos have gone viral with more than 7 million views. 

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“I’m pretty sure that I have encourage thousands around the world because I get inboxes on a daily saying how my story has blessed them,” she said.

Anderson also volunteers at the hospital that treated her and is active in the community. She truly is a Neighborhood Hero in so many respects. 

“My word is to keep the faith to survive no matter what. No matter what.”

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