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A bench-clearing ‘brawl’ occurred during the celebrity softball game at Kauffman Stadium

Bench-clearing brawls occur — they’re part of the game. It’s a different scenario when a bench-clearing brawl happens in a celebrity slow pitch softball game. But that’s what happened on Friday at Kauffman Stadium. Actor/comedian Rob Riggle and friends hosted a celebrity game in Kansas City on Friday as part of a weekend of events

Viral game attempt leaves girl on her head, covered in trash

0:34 Viral game attempt leaves girl on her head, covered in trash A girl in Argentina was playing the “hot lava” game with her brother when she tried to jump on top of a garbage can, not realizing that it was designed to move and was unable to hold her weight. The “hot lava” game

‘Some things change… but state functions will always bore Charles’: Hilarious photos taken 64 years apart suggest the Prince has a VERY limited attention span

The nation watched with baited breath as the monarch arrived at Westminster yesterday to deliver the Queen’s speech – but one member of the audience looked a little distracted. Sat next to his mother in place of the Duke of Edinburgh, who had been taken ill with an infection, Prince Charles gazed into the distance

Rita Ora arrives at West London studio as an array of stars gather to record Simon Cowell’s fundraising single for victims of the Grenfell Tower blaze

Rita Ora made her way into a west London recording studio on Saturday afternoon as celebrities converged to record a fundraising track for those affected by the Grenfell Tower blaze. The singer, who grew up close to the site of the tragedy, was flanked by bodyguards as she made her way into Notting Hill’s Sarm

Sneak BEAK! Hilarious moment unruly ostrich pecks an unwitting mother’s hand as it gets tired of waiting for food

The saying goes ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you’. But this impatient ostrich may not have heard that particular adage, as this comical footage from Glenrose, Texas, shows. Holly Bennett, 41, was caught off guard by the ostrich after she fed him at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Holly Bennett took her triplets to

Premier League bad boys 30-21: Sportsmail profiles the players who achieved notoriety on the pitch

The Premier League has seen many footballers best known for their silky skills, but plenty of others are notorious for different reasons. This week, we are counting down the top 50 Premier League bad boys. Several criteria to lay out first: football-related misdeeds rather than outright criminality is prioritised; individual moments of badness are relevant,

‘Anything you can brew, WE can brew better!’ Texas Wendy’s engages in a hilarious, pun-heavy sign war with the tea shop across the street

A Texas Wendy’s has engaged in a bitter—and hilarious—sign wars with the tea shop across the street. Pure Water, a store located in Lubbock, started the quarrel when it put up a sign offering free drinks to football coach and Texas native Kliff Kingsbury. Wendy’s responded with a message of its own, offering to treat the former

Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid sporting celebrity with £73m… as LeBron James also makes the top 10

Cristiano Ronaldo’s aspirations to be the undisputed No 1 footballer in the world are plain to see and now the Portuguese star can lay claim to the highest-paid sporting celebrity. Forbes has released its annual list of the top 100 highest-paid entertainers with the Real Madrid and Portugal superstar sitting in fifth place. Ronaldo has

This State’s Favorite Emoji Is The Eggplant, According To Hilarious New Study

Think about it: When was the last time you sent a text message without an emoji? It’s almost unfathomable to consider conducting a conversation without a cute little icon. Personally, I’m a big fan of the thumbs up emoji when I have to agree to something like directions or meet-up times. Of course, I can’t forget

Emily Thornberry laughs off ‘boobgate’ after a video of Corbyn accidentally hitting her breast with a misplaced high five goes viral

Emily Thornberry today laughed off ‘boobgate’ after a video of Jeremy Corbyn accidentally hitting her breast in a misplaced high five went viral. The Labour leader was in high spirits as he was filmed joking around with his shadow foreign secretary at their election count on Thursday night. But he was left red-faced when he