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What REALLY happens when you shut the front door: Hilarious and occasionally terrifying security camera footage captures what goes on when you leave the house

When you lock the front door you hope to return to find everything exactly as it was, however, you can never be sure what happens while you’re out. New footage reveals the hilarious and occasionally terrifying events that occur when home owners leave their house unattended. Captured on home surveillance camera, Nest Cam, this series of real-life

Sidharth Malhotra Has A Hilarious Take On His Break Up Rumors With Alia Bhatt

Since a while, the’Student of the Year’ cast Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt are seen together at many major occasions. Be it any audio release event or the movie promotions, the duo is often seen hanging out at some or other place. Well, it is believed that they share some special friendship bond as they

MasterChef judge George Calombaris pleads guilty to assaulting 19-year-old soccer fan after A-League Grand Final

Celebrity chef George Calombaris has pleaded guilty to assaulting a teenager after the A-League grand final in Sydney. The 38-year-old MasterChef judge was charged in May with assaulting the 19-year-old man at the grand final between Melbourne Victory and the ultimate winners, Sydney FC, at the Sydney Football Stadium. In the Downing Centre Local Court on

‘Trump made hate fashionable gain’: Chrissy Teigen, LeBron James, Lady Gaga and a host of celebrities blast the President for Charlottesville comments

Celebrities and politicians took to Twitter to slam President Donald Trump after he launched an angry defense of his performance in the wake of the Charlottesville riots and doubled down on a claim there was bigotry on both sides during the violent incident. The 71-year-old president lashed out at his critics on Tuesday following a botched

Cracking under pressure: Hilarious AND painful moment a man tumbles to the ground crotch-first after he fails to climb a fence

Hilarious video of the moment a man attempts to climb a wooden fence and ultimately meets his demise. The footage shows the man on one side of the fence with his friends recording from the other. He peeks his head up, lifts his body higher with his arms, puts one leg on top of the

Watch the hilarious moment an astronaut on the ISS blows a bubble of FRUIT PUNCH around his face

NASA astronaut Jack Fischer, part of a crew that launched to the International Space Station in April 2017, made a video of himself blowing a bubble of fruit punch under zero-gravity.  Unlike on Earth, where the force of gravity pulls things downwards, the liquid punch instead formed a bubble around Fischer’s face.  By conducting more

‘Another word for bread roll? A bit of bread that rolls?’ Hilarious moment grandma-to-be can’t solve her daughter’s pregnancy riddle

Hilarious footage has emerged of the moment a grandma-to-be failed to solve her daughter’s pregnancy riddle when she found a ‘bread roll’ in the oven. Robyn Brown, from Queensland’s Rockhampton, was recently sent on a treasure hunt by her daughter Natalie Stanton who wanted to surprise her with a pregnancy announcement. Rummaging around the kitchen cupboards, the 53-year-old

Michael Walker: Giddy Huddersfield sample Premier League glory game

So precious is sincere enthusiasm in an English football world made mad by money and celebrity and, let’s not forget, old-time incompetence, that it would be churlish to overlook the words of David Wagner in this 25th Premier League pre-season – or 118th Football League pre-season, if you’re not a foal. “I will never decelerate

Brighton chairman Tony Bloom gambling to keep them in the Premier League: ‘Some people could say I am taking a big risk’

Brighton chairman Tony Bloom is a man of many guises: football club and race horse owner, poker player, professional gambler. The high-rolling entrepreneur is notoriously private, so much so he barely gives an interview, sanctioning them scarcely to local papers and rarely discussing anything outside of football.  But reaching the Premier League has prompted Bloom

Khloé Kardashian Called Out Kris Jenner On Instagram And It’s So, So Hilarious

Khloé Kardashian is the funniest Kardashian. There, I said it. Don’t believe me? Well, Khloé Kardashian’s Instagram comment about Kris Jenner proves it. There’s this running joke in the Kardashian fandom that Kris Jenner’s favorite child is whoever is making the most money at the time. For a long time, that was Kim Kardashian. But now,