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WATCH: Drunk Wedding Guest Experiences Every Emotion In Hilarious Viral Video

Most people know there are different types of drunk. There’s the fun drunk, the emotional drunk and the IDFAG drunk — all of which were displayed in a video made on Streamable that went viral on Reddit Thursday. After 7 hours on the site, the clip, titled, “What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico,” nearly amassed

Cristiano Ronaldo tops the Forbes’ Rich List of sport stars after pocketing £70m… while Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the only Premier League star in top 20

Cristiano Ronaldo is the richest sports personality in the world, according to the latest Forbes’ Rich List.  The Real Madrid striker has earned an incredible £70million in the last year, along with picking up another Champions League medal and becoming the inaugural winner of The Best FIFA Men’s Player award. In fact, such is the

They’re behaving like… animals! People share hilarious images of their pets behaving VERY badly, from a dog pooping in a bike helmet to a kitten shredding the shower curtain

Pets are meant to bring their owners joy and unconditional love, but sometimes their outrageous antics lead to nothing but frustration. From the cat who stole its neighbor’s underwear to the dog who opened a window while going through a drive-through car wash, Bored Panda asked people to send in photos of their beloved pets ‘acting

NRG’s San Francisco Shock the latest esports Overwatch League team

The latest esports team in the Overwatch League has been revealed as San Francisco Shock.  They are the latest team to reveal their new name as every team is required by Blizzard to rebrand to suit their location. The team is ran by North American organisation NRG esports who have a lot of celebrity investors

The Internet Has Finally Recognized Ariana Grande for a New Talent Thanks to This Viral Photo

There’s no doubt Ariana Grande has an impressive voice. And today, we can add another accolade to her name: impressive stool-perching abilities. This isn’t a new thing, but it’s only now that her unusual talent is getting both the viral scrutiny and respect that it deserves. After an online comic resurfaced the cover of Grande’s

Me-OW! Hilarious video captures the moment a cat realises it has just been neutered as it cleans itself

A cat in China enjoying its daily cleaning routine becomes shocked when it looks down and realises that it has just been neutered. Hilarious video shows the cat, an American Shorthair, licking its groin as most cats do. But then, as if something was wrong, the cat stops, looking up with a face of complete

Celebrity Clasico: MS Dhoni’s double-strike, Virat Kohli’s extra-time goal help cricketers triumph film stars 7-3

MS Dhoni playing football (Image courtesy: IANS) The football mania has gripped the nation. The fourth edition of the Indian Super League (ISL) is around the corner. India are the hosts of the Under-17 FIFA World Cup. Why should the celebrities miss the fun? It was that time of the year when Abhishek Bachchan-led All

He wants to be the (burger) king of the jungle! Hilarious moment a confused monkey loses its temper as it fails to reach half-eaten fast food through a car windscreen

This is the hilarious moment a cheeky monkey tries to grab a delicious burger through a car windscreen. But the primate, though persistent, cannot quite figure out a way to get past the glass. The young critter instead attempts to push it aside so it can seize the glorious prize. This is the hilarious moment

Something bruised! Hilarious moment two bridesmaids tussle on the floor as they try to catch the bride’s bouquet

This is the hilarious moment two eager bridesmaids fall head over heels and faceplant when trying to catch a bouquet of flowers. The bride at a wedding in Sulphur Springs, Texas, tossed her bouquet to the baying singletons behind her, who all seemed quite keen to be the next person to get hitched. As the

Miley Cyrus Just Called Katy Perry Her Sister

Photo: Lester Cohen/WireImage/Getty Images. A photo just shared to Miley Cyrus’s Twitter is captioned “sisters,” and not surprisingly, it includes her actual sister Noah Cyrus. But there’s also another celebrity in there: Katy Perry. Miley and Noah are on either side of her, posing playfully in front of a giant pair of lips. Fans replied