Celebrity Big Brother: Chloe Khan turned down the show last year because she’s not about being famous

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August 05 2016

The thing about the internet, is everything lasts – something Celebrity Big Brother housemate Chloe Khan is learning to her cost.

In a Facebook post from 2015, the former X Factor star gleefully revealed why she turned down Big Brother last year.

Chloe posted a screenshot of a message from a casting producer urging her to contact her.

Obviously unimpressed, Chloe captioned the image: “BIG BROTHER. Lol NO THANKS”

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Friends and followers of the glamour model posted their thoughts on the photo, to which Chloe responded: “Lol , im a business woman I’m about making money not about been famous.

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“Nicola really banged it on the head, Its the media printing things while I’m in there out of my control, i have family and i don’t want to cause any problems or embarrassment for a special little person in particular .Its just not for me xxx”

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Of course, Chloe is currently in the Celebrity Big Brother house – so something must have changed her mind…

The 25-year-old’s latest antics in the house have seen her enjoy a cheeky snog with housemate Stephen Bear, and making an enemy of his girlfriend on the outside.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight (August 5) with a live eviction.

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