Celebrity Big Brother plans a second series featuring lots more former housemates to mark 20th edition of reality show

Celebrity Big Brother is returning to our screens later in 2017 with a Summer Legends series.

Channel 5 bosses are planning to bring back even more previous housemates to mark the 20th series of the reality show.

It could mean such familiar faces as Vanessa Feltz, Katie Price, Jim Davidson, Dappy, Shilpa Shetty and Chantelle Houghton going back into the house to compete against a roster of newcomers.

And the budget is getting a big boost to make sure it’s the best series yet.

Following the recent CBB, which featured a number of celebs who’d been in the house before, it would be the second All Stars version of the show.

But this time there would be faces from much further back – including the Channel 4 incarnation of the programme.

Jemma Lucy - pictured at the premiere of Bond movie Spectre at Resorts World - is a rumoured housemate for CBB's Summer Legends series

Jemma Lucy – pictured at the premiere of Bond movie Spectre at Resorts World – is a rumoured housemate for CBB’s Summer Legends series

The Sun reports a source as saying: “They’ve seen this series as a bit of a trial and error, but the formula has worked well with viewers.

“They’re upping the budget for guests too and will spare no expense to make it the best out of the 20 series.

“Producers are keen to capitalise on the momentum by tempting back even bigger names while there’s the hype.”

Ratings for the most recent series doubled when cleaning expert Kim Woodburn entered the show and went on a rampage of ranting and arguing.

So who’s rumoured for the Summer Legends series so far?

Names mentioned so far include tattooed glamour model Jemma Lucy from Ex on the Beach.

Also in the running is model Faryal Makhdoom, wife of Olympic boxing champ Amir Khan.

And we know she’s been approached because she told her Snapchat followers and asked for their advice on whether she should go into the house.

Amir Khan with his wife Faryal Makhdoom. Photo: David Davies/PA Wire

Amir Khan with his wife Faryal Makhdoom. Photo: David Davies/PA Wire

“Hey guys, I got asked to be on Celebrity Big Brother … it’s a very tricky one and idk if I can do it,” she wrote in a post.

“I want all my followers advice. On my last Instagram post tell me whether I should or shouldn’t? I want you guys to pick! X.”

Mirror Online reports that responses were mixed on her Instagram account, with some fans loving the idea of her going into the house and others hating it.

“You shouldn’t do big brother. The whole point for the producers is to make you look bad,” one warned.

Another wrote: “Big brother is a baaaad idea… public entertainment – at your expense. No offense, but with your strong personality i just think there will be so much drama and fights etc… will be bad for your public image in my opinion… specially after the whole stuff with amir and his side of the fam …. just saying, only my opinion if thats what youre asking for.”

Others thought it would be good for her career and image to show the British public what she’s really like, following months of tension with Amir’s family.

A third follower said: “You should do big brother so you can show the world that muslims are good people. You should also do it so you can show your in laws how wrong they think about you! Yes shows like BB can be consuming but if you utilize the platform in a positive way it will have a good influence on the viewers of the show and also the other house mates.”

Faryal is yet to announce her decision.

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