Chrissy Teigen Defends Kristin Cavallari Against Mom-Shamers: Stop Criticizing

Chrissy Teigen is coming in to defend another mama who she thinks is being unfairly slammed. Kristin Cavallari has been berated on social media for her children appearing too skinny and Chrissy is not having it. Read on to find out how the model stepped up for her fellow mom.

Chrissy Teigen, 30, is NOT happy about the way fellow celebrity mom Kristin Cavallari, 29, is being shamed on social media for supposedly underfeeding her children. Chrissy is so irritated by this controversy that she has stepped in on Kristin’s behalf to shame the mom-shamers. See what Chrissy had to say in defense of Kristin here!

On July 4, the Laguna Beach star, who has three children with husband and professional football player, Jay Cutler, 33, shared a sweet photo of her two sons in matching swim trunks on the beach next to their father. Unfortunately, though Kristin meant for the image to be a display of July 4th fun, her followers ignored that part and actually accused her of starving her children based on their appearance in the photo.

Photos Of Chrissy Teigen Breast Feeding — SEE PICS

“Seeing pictures of your boys and how they look is a bit shocking to see! I know you cook healthy but to see the bones just doesn’t seem normal, sorry!” one commenter wrote. But Kristin snapped back right away. “Yep, I starve my children. Just blocked the most people I’ve ever blocked in my entire life. Happy 4th hahaha,” the reality TV star wrote in a comment.

Chrissy, a brand new mommy, joined the conversation on July 11, tweeting in response to an E! News article, “I will never know why parents criticize others so harshly, knowing they’d go insane if they were on the receiving end ALLTHETIME.”

“NO parent out there thinks they’re perfect. I loathe these s–thead commenters. Who would want to make someone feel horrible for fun?” continued the mother of baby Luna. “Anyway, love you @KristinCav and screw everyone’s bored ass!” Kristin appreciated the love responding on July 12 with the tweet, “lol thx girl love u and ur little girl is adorable.” We love the mama camaraderie right there ladies! Don’t let those shamers get you down Kristin!

HollywoodLifers, how great is it that Chrissy came to the aid of another mother??? Tell us what you think below!

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