Cloud eggs? Aquarium cookies? Karlie Kloss actually made viral trendy foods, and here’s her verdict

Between Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest…viral, perfect, confectionary foods trend all the time. We share and obsess over these videos of rainbow treats and cloud inspired whatevers, but how often do we actually make the foods we’re obsessed with online? With so many goodies to try and so little time, Karlie Kloss putt on her Martha Stewart hat and did the deed for us. In her latest Youtube post, the supermodel gave some of Pinterest’s most popular treats a whirl and taught us which ones were the best to eat.

Not all of the recipes got Karlie’s approval. But, for the ones that did, you better believe we’ll be giving them a try!

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To help give internet foodies an idea of what’s worth it, Karlie gave cloud eggs, aquarium cookies, and ice cube tray chocolates a try. She vouched for them with the old thumbs up/ thumbs down signature of approval.

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The baked eggs easily got Karlie’s stamp of approval. She called them  a yummy and “protein packed Instagram-worthy snack.”

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That was until Karlie reminded us that Jolly Ranchers (the main ingredient) stick to your teeth…

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And then we remembered mermaids def don’t have time for that ish.

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Karlie’s truth about the cookies was that they “are not so tasty and super time-consuming.”

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Turns out these dark chocolate bad boys are totally Karlie’s jam.

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Karlie said that the dark almond chocolate treats were hands down the winner of the day. She was a bit occupied with eating them to give them a thumbs up but she did call them “everything I love in one bite.”

Karlie’s final picks were pretty encouraging, she called them relatively easy to make and super tasty. You better believe we’re off to the kitchen to break out those egg whisks and ice cube trays after this post!

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