Dad Takes Hilarious Father-Daughter Photos With His Baby

Sholom Ber Solomon loves to dress up.

The California dad takes hilarious photos with his 9-month-old daughter, Zoe, in a variety of costumes, from explorers to ballerinas to Cookie Monster.

“I have always taken quirky pictures even before she was born,” Solomon told HuffPost. “When she came along I wanted to include her so that one day she can look back at funny memories with her dad.”

The dad posts his costume photos on Instagram, where he’s attracted about 8,000 followers and counting.

Although Zoe can’t talk yet, Solomon said she’s a fan of their dress-up adventures.

“Zoe has always been a happy and smiley baby, especially when we are all having fun as a family,” he explained.

Ultimately, Solomon wants their father-daughter photos to brighten people’s days. Said the dad, “I hope that they enjoy them as much as Zoe will one day.”

Keep scrolling and visit Instagram for more hilarious and adorable father-daughter photos.

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