‘Deadpool’ Star Ryan Reynolds Stars in Hilarious Ads for ‘Toon Blast’

Here’s something for you mobile gaming fans that could use a dose of Ryan Reynolds silliness.

It turns out the actor, fresh from his latest turn as the smarmy Deadpool from his successful sequel earlier this summer, is a big fan of a mobile game called Toon Blast. It can be downloaded here for iOS as well as Google Play,offering a match-three type of scenario around interesting cartoon characters like Cooper Cat and Wally Wolf, among others.

How do we know that Reynolds is a fan? He’s actually gone and starred in a number of online commercials for the game, which we’ve managed to include below. And, yes, he’s definitely got a little bit of that Deadpool attitude in there.

First off, here’s an ad for “Girl,” in which Reynolds expresses a round not going his way with a round of expletives — with a child in the room, no less.

[embedded content]

Next up is a public service announcement of sorts, where Reynolds talks about his addiction with the game, along “with everyone else in Hollywood.”

[embedded content]

Next up is a “Criminal” ad, in which Reynolds is filming a movie, but taking a little break to get some Toon Blast play time in there — even if he does end up getting “shot.”

[embedded content]

“Body Double” is up next, where Reynolds sends in a body double (who doesn’t really look like him) to film a scene while he, obviously, plays the game.

[embedded content]

Then we have “Romantic,” in which a love scene is portrayed, but Reynolds decides to give his game of Toon Blast a bit of affection.

[embedded content]
We continue with “Tattoo,” in which Reynolds is, well, getting one while he plays. And, surprise, it’s Toon Blast related.

[embedded content]

And here’s one Deadpool fans may relate to — “Small Hands,” in which Ryan attempts to play ten games of Toon Blast with tiny hands. Weird.

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There are more that can be found here. If it’s Ryan Reynolds comedy you’re after — or you just want to see what Deadpool may look like getting into a match-three sort of game — then these are the ads for you.

Oh, and by the way, if you haven’t gotten around to it yet, Deadpool 2 is available now on Digital HD as well as Blu-Ray and DVD.

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