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A fantasy cricket league is a game match played online. Cricket is played by many countries worldwide and in Asia, it is highly popular in India. Among all the sports played in India, sportsmen who play cricket enjoy a celebrity status. The game too enjoys a heightened status given that its players are welcomed anywhere in the country as known faces. Football and hockey are other games that Indians love to play but not as much as cricket.

How does an Azharuddin game pan out? Well, it is an online format. In this format, the user doesn’t really play cricket. It is the real time players who do. The user gets to select the team who will play other teams in the tournament. When the team wins, the user wins money. This works as an incentive for the player. The other incentive being the thrill of playing and winning.


Cricket being a much-loved game, is played by youngsters in the country. There is no lack of playing fields which includes high school fields, garden space in one’s home or even the streets. This game has captured the imagination of each one. Football and hockey require certain things to be fulfilled but cricket is played with just a bat and balls which can be easily procured from the market. So, why should you not engage in such an entertaining game?

Come to Oye Captain and find yourself playing the role of a selector in Cricket Fantasy Game. You can select a team of your choice keeping the rules in mind. This team will play other teams in a format similar to that of the IPL. We are familiar with the T20 format of cricket. More than the world cup and other long time tournaments, IPL has been in the limelight of late. It was started by Lalit Modi. Though he is no more associated with the game directly, he is still in the fray. Cricket has become much more watched due to this format which is short and gets over quickly. Sponsors and advertisers are in the market to make money from this format since it is highly watched.

If you go through the statistics, IPL has increased the TRP for the channels. For every match, there are several brands fighting it out to market their products. The audience includes men mostly but also women. In fact, women to play cricket but their game is not watched as avidly by people as the men’s game. Women are involved in the game too indirectly as the audience. So, the number of women you see in the stadium on match days is huge. They are no less enthusiastic about the game though they may not understand the technicalities. The game in the last few years has become digitized and much more sophisticated with the inclusion of a camera in the stumps. There are more statistics and numbers to look into. In the process, the game has become more modern. It is but natural since we have advanced in other fields and we need to put our knowledge and expertise gained in other fields to our other parts of life.

Sure, we love cricket and that is why we hero-worship the stars. They are demi-gods. We see them in tv, hoardings, movies even and recently there are biopics being made on some cricketers such as Azharuddin and Dhoni.

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