​Ah, the infamous banana boat. One of the NBA’s iconic symbols. The timing of it’s arrival is a bit serendipitous. 

The Banana Boat Boyz were all generally movable this offseason and could have elected to link up. However, LeBron, Melo, and D-Wade appear to all be staying put, while CP3 elected to join forces with James Harden in Houston.

There’ll be no banana boat squad this season and D-Wade’s spotting of the empty banana boat seemingly sums that all up.

​​I’ve never seen a sadder sight.

The NBA has been topsy-turvy this offseason and all four of the banana boat boyz have made waves in their own way.

LeBron has made news for seemingly being interested in departing from Cleveland after next season and has been​ unusually inactive in recruitment for a guy who’s come to be known for bringing in talent.

Carmelo came out as the survivor of the feud between he and Phil Jackson, and now that the Zen Master is gone, Melo may just stick it out in NYC. Or he could still be traded. Who knows with the Knicks. 

Chris Paul traded in his L.A. digs for Houston red, and D-Wade is in for a rebuilding season with the Bulls in the aftermath of Jimmy Butler’s departure.

It looks as though we’ll have to wait another season before we can speculate again of these guys uniting. Hopefully that’ll give D-Wade enough time to realize what is and isn’t okay in the fashion world.

Who told him male rompers were a thing?

Let’s just hope the Flash comes to his senses soon enough.