Gal Gadot Proves Why Chris Pine Nicknamed Her ‘Giggle Gadot’ With Hilarious Bloopers

The 32-year-old actress has shared a hilarious montage of bloopers proving she doesn’t take herself very seriously.


While much has been made of the criticism criticism Wonder Woman invited, during the making of the box office success, it’s important to remember that there was also a lot of fun, laughter and jokes on set.

On Saturday, Israeli actress Gadot shared a video of the superhero film’s best bloopers to Twitter, and it’s not surprising to see why actor Chris Pine nicknamed the mother-of-two ‘Giggle Gadot’ during filming.


Gadot – who recently admitted she was in the running to play Charlize Theron’s role as Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road – captioned the funny clip: ‘Chris’s nickname for me was giggle Gadot, @PattyJenks & I could communicate with no words. I enjoyed filming every second of the movie.’

In the bloopers, Gal can be seen dropping her ice cream, bumping into Pine several times and making silly faces with Jenkins between cuts.

Of course, the star’s fans couldn’t get enough of the clip.


Proof that Gadot truly is a wonder woman.

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