“Girls Trip” Actor On the Old-Fashioned Dating Rule He Has for His 4 (!) Daughters

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“Girls Trip” actor Mike Epps swung by our kitchen table to promote his new book, Unsuccessful Thug, and while he was here, we asked him about raising not one, not two, but — count ’em — FOUR girls!

(John apologized to him upon hearing the news — LOL!)

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But that’s when he dropped some serious dating wisdom on us — the same he gives to his own girls, the eldest of which is 22.

When it comes to his girls dating, Mike tells us he gives them one rule: “I try to teach my daughters — I say, if you’re going to date somebody, make sure you find out who their mama is. You got to meet a man’s mama.”

Yes, Mike!

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And Rach added an important point, too: “And how they treat their mother.”

Preach, girl!

Watch more of their chat above!

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