Glamour Awards 2016: Fearne Cotton channels Rod Stewart in hilarious morning after selfie

Holly Willoughby’s pal is unrecognisable in hysterical Instagram snap

LAST night may have been all about the glamour, but Fearne Cotton showed that the morning after the night before can be quite a different story.

The Celebrity Juice star has posted a snap to Instagram that’s pretty much the definition of ‘bed head’.

Fearne looks stunning in a pre-event selfie [Fearne Cotton/Instagram]

Yesterday, the Off The Rails presenter posted a snap of herself rocking a gorgeous bubble-hair head of bleached blond curls before heading off to the Glamour Awards 2016.

And her fans loved it, saying: “Hot to trot my lovely (sic).”

Fearne Cotton is unrecognisable in a hilarious morning after selfie [Fearne Cotton/Instagram]

But today was quite a different story.

Oh blimey, it’s almost every woman’s nightmare.

We’re not even sure where she can start with sorting that lot out. 

Cut it all off and start again is our advice (to be clear: it definitely is not).

The Celebrity Juice star shows off her incredible post-baby body in a gorgeous dress [Flynet]

And her Insty fans were quick to take the Mick out of Fearne’s calamitous curls, saying: “Reminds me of brave x (sic).” Not a bad thing, in our opinion. Another said: “Rod Stewart eat your heart out lol x (sic).”

And, our personal favourite: “Thanks fearne that made me giggle x (sic).”

Kourtney Kardashian and Rochelle Humes shock us for all the wrong reasons on the Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2016 red carpet

At the BAFTA TV Awards, Fearne drew criticism from fans for her very daring dress that left little to the imagination, boob-wise.

Last night, she looked positively demure in comparison, flashing just a little thigh and a teeny bit of waist in a dark blue number.

Well, with hair as dramatic as Fearne’s last night, any outfit pales in comparison.

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