Going viral: Police use a Yeti to prevent vehicle thefts

(Source: Facebook/MiamiPolice)

MIAMI, Fla. (MEREDITH) — Miami Police are taking a page from “The Naked Gun” to promote its new anti-theft program to reduce car break-ins. The parody production co-stars a Yeti and it’s “K.R.A.P.P.Y.”:

  • Keeping
  • Robbers
  • Away &
  • Protecting
  • Property (with a)
  • Yeti

How does the new initiative work, you say? Miami Police posted a video on social media, showing that every time you walk away from your car, you should leave your Yeti to stand guard. 

Each Yeti is proudly trained to protect each and every vehicle, according to police.

“With the new Yeti system, you’ll never have to worry about losing your property or locking your doors again”.

Miami PD says the new pilot program has some kinks, but it’s working them out.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking to Amazon to order your very own Yeti, the disclaimer at the end of the video states, “The Yeti is a fictional character and he/she will not actually protect your property. Besides, it’s too hot in Miami for the Abominable Snowman to survive.”

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