Groom makes hilarious Nicolas Cage wedding RSVP unbeknownst to his bride

One Oregon man decided to take a less conventional approach to his wedding RSVPs.

Grant Boro, 34, created this hilarious RSVP card featuring actor Nicolas Cage and a whole barrage of ridiculous responses for his guests to choose from.

“I Googled funny wedding invites and I saw that picture and it just looked like someone who was happy,” Boro, of Salem, Oregon, told ABC News of choosing that particular image of Cage.

The wacky RSVPs were a surprise for his bride along with their 50 guests.

“She did the regular wedding announcements we sent out and I was in charge of the RSVP,” he said of his fiancée, Katie Nelson. “It was a surprise for her. She thought it was funny.”

Boro admitted he has “kind of a wacky sense of humor.”

“It was really funny to see them side-by-side,” their close friend, Charles Flunker, who posted a photo of the hilarious RSVP to Reddit, said of seeing the formal invitation next to the RSVP. “Opening the RSVP was a total shock because in all honesty who expects to see Nicolas Cage’s face when you open a wedding invitation, but when you read down the list, it is absolutely them and fits perfectly. They have a couple cats, so even the part of donating cat food is legit. Grant even posted some donation locations in the comment sections of the original post because people were wanting to donate.”

In lieu of gifts for their Sept. 9 wedding, the couple, who owns four cats, is asking for “a large bag of cat food” so they can “take them to the Humane Society.”

“We’ve been together for the last 10 years,” said Boro. “It seemed kind of weird to ask for gifts for our wedding since everybody knows we’ve been together for a long time. Gifts are kind of for a new couple starting out. We don’t need a new toaster.”

As for Nicolas Cage?

“I have a great respect for Mr. Cage and he is definitely invited to the wedding,” Boro said.

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