‘Here We Grow’: Hampton ag family’s harvest-themed video goes viral

HAMPTON — For nearly the past decade, the Behn brothers in Hampton have released an annual harvest video, where they sing, dance and showcase what life is like for a north Iowa farmer.

This year, however, was a little different. The three of them, Kevin, Bruce and Larry, sang and danced along to “Here We Grow,” a spin-off of “Here We Go” by former boy band NSYNC.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the video has been viewed nearly 80,000 times on the Behn Brothers’ Facebook page, where it was published early this month.

Kevin Behn, who works in telecommunications and helps Bruce with the yearly harvest, said the video’s success has been surprising, even considering their past videos on their Facebook page.

The main reason they shoot the yearly videos is to remember time spent with family, he said.

“Well, we do a harvest video every year pretty much just to document the moment and the event,” Kevin, 52, said. “It’s a time where the whole family pulls together … it’s kind of fun to look back 10 years and see how young we used to be.”

Kevin said he spent about three weeks in October shooting, editing and crafting the final product. He worked on it every day because the footage was fresh in his mind, he added.

Many of the shots in the video were created by a drone Kevin has owned for the past couple of years. He said it was an invaluable tool for filming, and that he could view what the drone was taping on his smartphone.

“It’s like you’re sitting in the cockpit looking through the front window,” Kevin said. “You can fly it without even having to look at the drone.”

Bruce, the full-time farmer of the group, said Kevin takes many of the responsibilities with creating the annual videos.

“I enjoy going back with my kids and grandkids so much,” Bruce, 60, said of the impact of the videos. “And just watching these, I tell Kevin, ‘You don’t have to get your hands dirty, just keep the camera on them.’”

Despite the most recent music video’s reach on social media, he remained modest about his family’s success.

“People are calling us celebrities and stuff, but it’s a one-hit wonder type deal,” Bruce said.

Kevin and Bruce both said the overall harvest went well, adding that no one was hurt or injured during the work.

Kevin said the video has received a lot of attention from local media outlets, and that TIME magazine in New York even contacted the brothers about it.

For Bruce, one of the best parts about making the video is seeing the heartwarming responses on social media.

“Most of the comments is how much fun we had doing it,” he said. “And they like to see a family that got along together… those are the two things that stick out to me.”

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