Here’s Some Good Old Fashioned Viral Fun Mocking the President

A young woman named Makenna Greenwald decided to spend her trip to the Hollywood Walk of Fame scrubbing Donald Trump’s star, a square of sidewalk that has probably been pissed, spit and shat on more than average.

According to BuzzFeed, Makenna’s post went hugely viral, and got retweeted a lot by conservatives who love to see a pretty woman supporting the president in a meaningless gesture:

Lots of people replied to Makenna’s tweet with their personal defilement of Trump’s star, suggesting she clean that. Were they raised right?

But now that Makenna’s tweet has become a meme rather than passive-aggressive mess-making, it’s getting a lot more fun. Here are some of the presidents people are showing nothing but respect for:

Cernovich may think there’s Two Americas, but I’m seeing a lot of good alternate options here.

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