Hilarious! 8 Categories Of Ladies You Will Find In A Nigerian Salon, #2 Is Very Common

The salon in its literal meaning is a shop where hairdressers and beauticians work but there are so many other activities that could make the salon more interesting than its normal purpose.

Here are 8 interesting people you should take note of in Nigerian salons.

1. Those who seek attention

These ones dress gorgeously with their high heel shoes which announce their arrival. They walk in like they are in charge to ask for their favourite stylist. They flaunt all they have got for you to know they rule their world.

2. The gist and gossip group

Ladies gossiping

The salon accommodates most ladies to gossip about men and their boyfriend or even other people’s issues. If you want the latest piece of gossip, the salon is the first class place to visit.

3. The advisers

Ladies cheering up their friend

Since the salon is majorly women affairs and they tend to have the best of gist because the word gossip does not sound friendly. They seems to know the applicable advice for whatever situation, they are like consultants in the field (gistology).

4. The impatience ones

When you yelled at the shop attendant

These are the people that value their time and they could make you get off your seat just to make their hair. They indulge in pacing and ranting around just for you to know how impatient they are.

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5. The prideful ones

She shows that she is better than everyone in the salon. She is ready to flaunt her high priced hair, how they are tired of their exotic car and their intention to change it. They boast about all they have and don’t.

6. Expensive customers

They are ready to display their expensive items as wares just to get other customers thinking they control money at the tip of their fingers. They show off with their expensive wrist watches, phones, jewelries, shoes and clothes.

7. The grammarians

When your customer speaks the best of English

They are the ones that will catch your attention immediately they open their mouth to talk. They perfect British accent like they are not Nigerians. They usually use their accent as a bait in the salon like they studied in Harvard.

8. The “do you know who I am?”

These people are usually given special treatment. They get two or more people to attend to them on their arrival. It is even possible for the stylist to leave your hair just to welcome her because you won’t what to hear the statement “do you know who I am?”


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