Hilarious Instagram Account Shows Parenting From The Perspective Of A ‘Lego Dad’

A hilarious Instagram account is showing the trials and tribulations of parenting … from the perspective of a Lego minifigure. 

“Lego Dad” posts funny memes featuring a minifigure family ― the titular Lego Dad, his wife Lego Mom and their two Lego children. The memes include jokes about relatable parenting experiences, with a Lego twist.  

The account’s creator, who prefers to remain anonymous, told HuffPost he decided to launch an Instagram profile ― as well as Twitter and “Faceblock” accounts ― to offer a resource for fellow Lego parents. 

Speaking in character, he said, “There’s a lot of different minifigure pages, but as far as I could tell there weren’t many parents, which is weird because there’s about 5 billion Lego people worldwide.”

Lego Dad added that he hopes his account makes people smile and reminds them not to take life too seriously. “It’s OK to laugh sometimes, even at yourself,” he said.

He also believes other parents will relate to his Lego family musings. 

“Kids will be kids regardless,” said Lego Dad. “The only advantage that I have as a parent is that I can take mine apart.”

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