Hilarious: Ras Njoroge Caught Red Handed Harrassing Raila Supporter But Then His Confidence Fails Him!

By Onyango Ochieng Jnr

This pencil-thin towering Jubilee ragamuffin is witnessing an extremely rare occurrence in his life- a rumbling assquacke.

He can’t just seem to get enough. He has vowed that even if a car was to knock him dead, he will never stop looking at that roaring mountainous derrière.

He therefore caressed the lady with his eyes until she disappeared into the blue yonder 700 meters away.

Look at the position of his left hand, he was trying to control a violent riot in his southern faculties; a serious riot that required police to throw teargas canisters into his trousers to calm the ruckus.

This brother needs your prayers. He needs a deliverance so that Satan can leave him alone.

I am even thinking he is a rapist or a potential rapist. But on a second thought, maybe the ODM giant with a behind running away from her is single….just like that, the man’s courage failed him. Just like that he successfully became a certified windowshopper!

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