Hilarious Video: Looking for a date? This YouTuber has some cheesiest pickup lines for you!

Cheesy pickup lines for Indians by Sonia MannotraPhoto:YOUTUBE

Not everyone is an ace at the dating game. But it’s better to try and fail than to have never tried at all. With this spirit, this young YouTuber has compiled some of the cheesiest pickup lines for you (In case you’re single and ready to mingle). Sonia Mannotra, a young YouTuber has the perfect solution to your shyness when approaching a date. If you find an attractive woman or a man, just throw any of these pickup lines and you’re definitely going to be lucky (Or not!). 

‘Are you from Bombay? Coz you are a bomb and going to be my bae’

‘You can stop your timer now, cause your wait for a prince charming is over’. 

‘Are you an apple? Cause I can see your cheeks turning red!’ *expect a flying slipper over here* 

Unless you want to get blocked forever by your crush or love interest, don’t use these cheesy pickup lines ever. Janhit me jaari! 

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