Hospital patient in viral video is now getting help

BALTIMORE (WUSA9) – She was half-naked and wailing when hospital security guards dumped her at a bus stop at night with the temperature near freezing, but now the man who rescued her tells WUSA9 that she’s with her family and getting help. 

Imamu Baraka, a mental health therapist himself, shot video of the woman and the guards and it has now been viewed millions of times on Facebook. Baraka says he’s talked to the woman’s mother, and the two of them found her in a Baltimore shelter after the University of Maryland MidTown Campus discharged her a second time.

“They put a woman on the curb like we dispose of trash,” said Baraka, who has an office right across the street from the hospital. He was walking by and saw guards wheeling her out. He said he though at first that she was dead because of the way she fell out of her gown and wheelchair.

The hospital has apologized for discharging her that way. But after Baraka called 911 and medics took her back inside, the hospital quickly sent her out again. “What I should have done is go to the other corner,” Baraka said, pointing to the other side of the emergency entrance. “Then I would have been there when they put her in a taxi and sent her to a homeless shelter.”

“She is getting the help she needs now,” said Baraka. “She’s with family. She’s being taken care of. And family is doing the best they can.”

Hospital CEO Mohan Suntha insists this is not how it usually treats troubled patients. But Baraka is not convinced. He says the guards acted like they’d done this before. “They were not fazed by my presence. They knew I was taping and they didn’t even look back.”

Baraka is convinced somebody in the hospital told the guards to dump her outside. The hospital says it’s still trying to figure out who decided what.It says they’ll be accountable for their actions.

Baraka says since he posted the video on Facebook, hundreds of people have reached out to him to say they too have been unceremoniously dumped out of hospitals around the country. He’s hoping the viral video will help to end the practice.

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