Houston man’s purple kale romantic blunder goes viral

HOUSTON – Photos of a Houston man who gave his girlfriend purple kale after mistaking it for flowers went viral on social media.

Jailyn Hernandez tweeted out a photo Monday with a photo of the kale and her boyfriend, Jamarcus Guillory, saying, “My boyfriend brought me this thinking it was a flower but it’s lettuce.”

On Friday, Hernandez and Guillory visited the KHOU 11 News studios to chat about the romantic blunder.

“At the produce section at my job, I was walking through the aisle toward the end of the day, and I saw this one box on the floor, and there were no more boxes by it,” Guillory said. “It was just the only box, and I looked inside of it, and I saw kale what I thought was a flower, it looked beautiful.”

Guillory said he picked up the kale and thought of Hernandez because they’d had an argument earlier and wanted to make it up to her.

Hernandez said she laughed when she saw the kale.

“I thought it was funny,” she said. “What he did was so sweet, so different. He’s the best boyfriend I’ve ever had.”

Photos: Couple behind viral romantic blunder visits KHOU 11

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