Houston woman does viral Chewbacca video in sign language

This adorable lady may just be hanging around for a while longer.

The Chewbacca Mom video pumped sales of the mask. She started making noises while wearing the mask and because of so much joy, she can not stop laughing. Payne told NPR that people have sent her private messages that they were battling depression or mourning someone’s passing.

“They want that story of an average person feeling like youve been given the world, and that’s what I feel like”, Payne told us. “I feel like I’ve been given the world, and the sky is the limit”.

The viral video of a mom wearing a Star Wars Chewbacca mask and laughing hysterically already has more than 148 million views.

Payne’s video is recorded inside her auto while she is trying the mask on.

“We had a fun surprise for her!” As such, getting laughs from the Internet and homages from another galaxy is the least he can do to relax over and over again.

Payne quickly made a video using the her car’s dash cam.

Since then, she has done interviews with Facebook and Buzzfeed, appeared on “Good Morning America“, done a carpool with talk show host James Corden, and garnered praise from “Star Wars” producer JJ Abrams and Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew.

The real Chewbacca may or may not be as boisterous in Episode VIII as Payne was in her vehicle. She was seen with in a auto with Corden, who she was driving to work. She has been very open about her faith.

She added, “Once you know that you’re a follower of God, and not just a god, but the God that created everything, your whole life changes”. She is currently being asked to speak in various churches right now as well. “It really is. And it ends up being a kind of good thing”, she told Buzzfeed. She would later head to Los Angeles for late night shows and to San Francisco to visit the Facebook headquarters. She is also enjoying all of the people that she has met on this journey of hers. And so I had a status update that said, ‘1 million!!!!’ You know? Those on the street, or in the hotel, or in the airports wanting to take a photo with me. Like the video of the Chewbacca Mom, Thomason’s video also has gone viral with over 8 million views as of this writing.

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