'Husband for Sale' Post Goes Viral

JUPITER, Fla. (WPMI) There’s a few things in life you don’t ever want to forget, and for one Florida man it was wishing his wife a Happy Mother’s Day. Katie Bouyea took drastic measures to make sure her husband Chris would never forget that again.

She said Chris didn’t mention Mother’s Day at all Sunday. So she put him up for sale on Facebook, advising interested buyers that eight years of marriage mileage has him somewhat broken.

The post went viral, with hundreds of comments and likes within hours, giving the couple a good idea. It was all in good fun, with a good cause behind it. Katie’s friend has a son with a muscular disorder. She sells things to help the family with their medical bills. The highest bid they’ve received so far for Chris was $20, far too low for his skill set he says.

“I cook, I clean, I mop floors, I do dishes, I paint,” Chris said.

“He didn’t say happy Mother’s Day, he didn’t say thank you, or even have the kids make me a homemade card like he might normally do so I was a little frustrated,” Katie said.

Looks like there were now takers on Facebook. But Chris’ original owner said she’ll be glad to take him back on the winning team.

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