Incident at north Alabama safari park goes viral; Employee blames animal, tosses money on ground

An encounter between a Tuscaloosa woman and a man at a Huntsville wildlife park has gone viral.

Rebekah Bussey told newspartner WHNT she was visiting Harmony Park Safari when an employee of the park hit her SUV while driving a golf cart. Bussey confronted the man about the damage and the conversation between the two was recorded on a cell phone.

In the video, Bussey tells the man he hit her car, after which he asks her to show her the damage and then quickly says “no, it was the animal. I remember seeing it.”

After Bussey tells the man the damage wasn’t caused by an animal, the man says “Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to swear a trespassing warrant on you if you don’t get off this property. We’re asking y’all to leave. The owners have asked me to ask y’all to leave.”

The man then pulls money out of his wallet and drops it on the ground in front of Bussey.

Bussey told WHNT she was “in shock and just disbelief that someone would disrespect someone that bad when I didn’t do anything.”

Bussey’s video has been viewed more than 450,000 times.

Harmony Park Safari is owned by William Allen and Shannon Allen. Bussey said the man in the video has been identified to her as William Allen.

Messages left with Harmony Park Safari by were not returned. On its webpage, the park said “Each and every denizen of Harmony Park Safari must be treated with dignity and respect or expulsion from the ranch will occur.

“We would like to publicly thank all the dedicated hard-working volunteers and staff for their tireless dedication and for seeing to the welfare of our wonderful mountain and all our valued and understanding patrons,” a message on the website said.

The park made news last year when one of its kangaroos bit a 9-year-old girl. The child received 14 stitches after the animal bit her ear.

Update: The safari park in question is located in Huntsville and is not Alabama Safari Park in Hope Hull. You can see more on that park here.

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