iPhone X Launch Parody with Silicon Valley Cast Is Both Hilarious and Sad

Apple’s new iPhone X is not here yet, but the official announcement already sparked the scorn of the community, which in turn created parodies. The latest from Funny or Die expresses what a lot of people felt during the launch.

There is no doubt that iPhone X is a beautiful device, despite that terrible camera notch. A lot of people are excited about this upcoming product, mostly because it doesn’t look like the older or current models.

When you don’t change the overall design of the phone for many years, you kind of know what to expect from a launch. On the other hand, the iPhone X is different from the regular edition, and Apple took a shot in the dark with it. As you can expect, not everyone is happy about the result.

The Silicon Valley cast best expresses people’s feelings

Silicon Valley is a TV shows that’s all about the start-up environment and about the people trying to make something unique. What’s also interesting about it is that Apple is also a Silicon Valley company, and they are in the same universe as the TV show.

The official launch of iPhone X was not a really good one. It started with unsubstantiated hyperbolae about the quality of the device and went on a downward spiral toward animated emoji. The ridiculousness of the situation is perfectly captured by the Funny or Die parody.

The video will resonate with a lot of people because even if it’s a parody, it’s also kind of true. If you’ve watched the launch, you probably felt the same about some aspects. Since the cast of “Silicon Valley ” is made up of actors, they just did it better.

So, if the iPhone X the smartphone of the future? Is it the best phone since the first iPhone? Do you really even care about animated poop emoji?

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