Jacob Rees-Mogg shares hilarious Instagram photo outside Labour-supporting tattoo parlour with his mini-me son


Meet the mini-moggs on the campaign trail with the Tory candidate

TORY CANDIDATE Jacob Rees-Mogg has had his loyal Instagram followers in hysterics with this satirical tweet from the campaign trail.

The politician, who has been the MP for North East Somerset since 2010, posted this sarcastic photo of him and his young son outside a Labour-supporting tattoo parlour.

Jacob Rees Mogg/Instagram

Jacob Rees Mogg and his son pose for a pic outside a Labour-supporting tattoo parlour

The Eurosceptic MP – who fought passionately for us to quit the EU – was snapped looking a bit glum next to the studio – though his son looked a bit brighter.

The pair donned blue rosettes and suits – with his little one the spitting image of his dad.

Mr Rees-Mogg captioned the photo: “We shall have to take our business elsewhere.”

Jacob Rees Mogg/Instagram

Also on his Instagram feed – more snaps of him and his mini-me

Instagram/Jacob Rees Mogg

The Moggs certainly have a cute campaign team

His newly-formed Instagram feed is full of smiling snaps of him on the campaign trail during the past few weeks – including of his well-dressed family.

The father of five dressed them all in Tory blue and their own little rosettes for a photograph he captioned: “With my campaign team”.

And he’s also seen buying produce from the market with his eldest son – wearing similar tweed jackets.

Instagram/Jacob Rees Mogg

The former MP is fighting again to hold his Somerset seat next week

As thousands of candidates pound the pavements for the final five days before Britain goes to the polls on Thursday, many of them have been having a blast.

Nicola Sturgeon and Nigel Farage supped on pints yesterday as they visited areas in Scotland and Essex.

And Ed Miliband – no longer stifled by a team of staff telling him what to say, has been much more sassy and outspoken during this election campaign.

Getty Images

Nicola Sturgeon takes a break for a cheeky pint earlier this week

PA:Press Association

Nicola Sturgeon tries her hand with a recorder too

PA:Press Association

And Nigel Farage was spotted with a drink in his hand today

Ed Miliband calling out the bingo numbers

Getty Images

Theresa May’s been well-fed in this campaign – chomping on chips and cheese

He’s been calling out the bingo numbers and mowing a candidate’s lawn – some will do anything to get a vote.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister David Cameron has purchased a very posh, expensive shed, and is spending a lot of time there writing his book – when he isn’t out touring and giving well-paid after dinner speeches that is.

PA:Press Association

David Cameron has splashed out on a ‘shepherd’s hut’ for his home in the Cotswolds – peace at last

Andrew Gwynne stumbles over during joint interview with Boris Johnson

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