James Blunt Lays Into Piers Morgan On Twitter And Causes A Celebrity Meltdown

Kolo Touré is a legend. The former Arsenal, Man City, and Celtic has provided years of hilarity for football fans and is one of the rare players that is popular with fans of all clubs – and at the darts too.

Piers Morgan on the other hand is about as popular as genital herpes and the gammon-faced TV ‘personality’ has a long history of picking fights for the sake of it.

Now, he has decided to take on Kolo, lovable moron Olly Murs, and undisputed king of Twitter James Blunt. Even better, it wasn’t really Kolo Touré at all. It was a parody account.

It all began on Friday after Olly Murs tweeted from Oxford Circus in the aftermath of a suspected attack that turned out to be fine in the end. He was understandably scared, and tweeted that he thought he had heard shots fired.

However, this annoyed Morgan, who took to Twitter to criticise Murs and accuse him of scaremongering. Murs defended himself, suggesting that Morgan would have understood if he had been in the same position.

Morgan responded angrily, accusing Murs of stirring up unnecessary hysteria by tweeting that shots had been fired in Selfridges.

This, in turn, attracted the attention of James Blunt, more famous these days for his #Bantz than his singing.

He said: “From the man who published fake Iraqi torture pictures. LOL.”

Credit: Twitter

Morgan didn’t like this and he also called out Toni Kroos for ‘liking’ Blunt’s response:

Credit: Twitter

And then it escalated even further after ‘Kolo’ got involved:

Credit: Twitter

And so on and so forth, until sadly, Morgan realised he’d been had.

He was forced to climb down in a cringe-worthy set of tweets:

Credit: Twitter

Bizarre. Think before you tweet Piers, think before you tweet.

Words: Tom Wood

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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