Jess Hilarious posts pic with T.I. and fans notice she’s got a plump ole booty, resting right there on Tip’s lap [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer

Social media has allowed for anyone who wants it to gain whatever they want. So, for entertainers who want to break through and gain stardom, it’s theirs for the taking. This is how Jess Hilarious made herself into a household name.

Jess Hilarious saw her profile really rise, when she and Meek Mill began roasting each other. Earlier this summer, during the #BowWowChallenge, Jess Hilarious saw another increase in her recognition. Then, she had a spot during the BET Awards, this year.

Last night, Jess Hilarious had the chance to hang out with T.I. Currently, he is facing some cruel rumors of his wife, Tiny, having an affair with fellow rap mogul, Master P, which P denies. Meanwhile, Jess Hilarious posted the above photo with T.I., as fans noticed she has a booty back there, and that it’s all on T.I.P.

See Jess Hilarious’ Instagram post below:

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