Joe Thomas was on Family Feud, but Pedro Martinez made the episode a classic

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Family Feud had current and former NFL, MLB and NBA stars participate in a celebrity episode on Sunday. The NFL portion had current players – including the Browns’ Joe Thomas – taking on Pro Football Hall of Famers.

The other matchup included Pedro Martinez, and that’s all you really need to know.

Martinez was part of a MLB legends vs. NBA legends episode, and the former pitcher and current analyst came up with a couple classic answers. But he wasn’t the only one.

Browns fans will be happy to know that Thomas didn’t have a blunder.┬áThe left tackle only got to answer one question: Name a good place to go when you want to cry. Thomas went with the bedroom, which was the No. 1 answer. In his turn at the podium, he wasn’t as fast as Anthony Munoz when asked to name something a dog does outdoors that you might also see a man do (Munoz: go to the restroom, No. 1 answer).

Here are the worst answers from Sunday’s episode:

8. Kevin Millar (former MLB first baseman)

The question: Name something a baker might put in his sweet buns.

The answer: Yeast.

Millar tried to go with the thinking man’s answer there, but it backfired.

7. Harold Reynolds (former MLB second-baseman)

The question: My man thinks he’s a lion in the bedroom but he’s more like a what?

The answer: A fish.

I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing.

6. Le’Veon Bell (Steelers running back)

The question: (Married men surveyed) You’re home alone, the doorbell rings, it’s a naked lady, what do you do?

The answer: Get her number.

This prompted host Steve Harvey to exclaim: “She’s already at the door, and you need her number.”

5. Andre Reed (Hall of Fame wide receiver)

The question: When going on a date, name a vegetable the Jolly Green Giant might put in his shorts.

The answer: Jalapeno.

Reed was probably feeling confident at this point. He started off the question by answering “peas,” which was actually on the board. Jalapeno, however, wasn’t.

4. Reed

The question: Name something a dog does outdoors that you might also see a man do outdoors.

The answer: Tricks.

Many laughs were had over this answer.

3. Gary Payton (former NBA point guard)

The question: Name a word that rhymes with yummy.

The answer: Hummy.

Hey, he’s not wrong. It’s just not a word that anybody else uses.

2. Pedro Martinez (former MLB pitcher)

The question: (Men surveyed, fast-money round) Name someone you sometimes have to make a deal with.

The answer: Manager.

That was 100 men surveyed, not 100 baseball players.

1. Martinez

The question: Name a word that rhymes with yummy.

The answer: Miami.

In Pedro’s defense, it does the way he says it. Still, Harvey knows a classically bad answer when he hears one. “Pedro, let me tell you something,” said Harvey. “Your ass is going to be on YouTube.”

Harvey was right.

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