Justin Timberlake Lists Hilarious Topics He and Jimmy Fallon Discuss

These two! Justin Timberlake didn’t go bro-biking with Jimmy Fallon to celebrate the Tonight Show host’s 43rd birthday. Instead, the singer posted a hilarious message to his BFF on Instagram — listing all the ridiculous topics the pair have discussed in the past.

Celeb BFFs

“Happy Birthday, @jimmyfallon!! Remember that time when we were just two bros hanging out, drinking beer, grilling hamburgers and hot dogs and talking about life and who had the better hairline and who was always the first to crack up in our sketches,” Timberlake, 40, captioned a throwback Instagram pic of the two on Tuesday, September 19. “OOOH, and who would probably cry the most at the animated movies our kids watched and who was the nicer one of us two and crazy stuff like why do you park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?! Yeah… I remember that too!”

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake attend SNL 40th Anniversary Celebration at Rockefeller Plaza in 2015. Larry Busacca/Getty Images

He added: “Just two bros. Hanging out. Doing bro stuff.”

Justin Timberlake’s Cheesy ‘N Sync Days

In the snapshot, the buds are grilling and drinking beers in a backyard, most likely during their Memorial Day weekend getaway. In May, the Trolls actor shared a video of the two on a tandem bike in the Hamptons, which was captured by Jessica Biel.

Biel, 35, and Fallon recalled the hangout during The Tonight Show on July 25. “We thought it would be funny if you filmed this. We were doing it and one time Justin said, ‘Don’t ring the bell.’ And then we go by and we didn’t ring the bell and when we watched it back we could hear Justin directing at me — yelling at me!” Fallon said. “And we were like, ‘Jessica, do you mind doing it again?'” Fallon said at the time.

Jessica Biel’s Red Carpet Evolution

The Sinner actress brought snacks for the bike ride as they were joined by her and Timberlake’s son Silas, 2, and Fallon’s wife, Nancy Juvonen, and their two daughters — Winnie, 4, and Frances, 2.

“That is mom style. I do not leave the house [without snacks],” she said. “I’m gonna have pretzels, veggie sticks, apple, string cheese. I’m gonna have supplies! You will always have snacks if you’re rolling with me.”

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