JUSTISSSSSS?: Video of man releasing 3 bags full of venomous cobras in courthouse protest goes viral

How far would you go to get justice? One man in East Java, who felt the local court had done him wrong, did the only thing he could think to do to get justice: dumping 3 bags full of venomous snakes in the court building.

The video of the snakes-in-a-courtroom craziness, which took place at the Sumenep District Court of Madura in East Java, went viral over the weekend after being shared by Facebook user Alfath Tampubolon on Thursday as well as a shorter clip posted to Twitter by user Rexy Ambarwati.

The video shows a man, identified as Muhammad Amin, causing utter chaos at the court building after losing a land rights case. He arrives at the courthouse along with two snake charmers and three bags filled with cobras. After angrily screaming at officials (one yells back “If you’re unsatisfied with the court’s verdict you should appeal”) he dumps one of the bag of snakes on the ground and kicks them, causing everybody to flee in a panic.

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While video of the incident has recently gone viral, the event it depicts actually took place on February 7, 2012. Reports from the time state that Amin had unleashed the snakes as a form of protest after his demands that the government compensate him for land that he claimed to be his went unfulfilled.

A report from Kompas on the incident said that Amin told his two snake charmers to release the reptile by saying, “In this office, there are so many ‘rats’ that must be destroyed, so we release these snakes so that the rats can be eaten. To the judge, please note that we also need justice.”

After the incident, Amin was secured by police and the snakes were captured and taken as evidence. There were no reports of court employees being injured during the snakestravaganza.

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