Kylie Jenner dyes her hair BLONDE (for realz this time)

And we approve

Sometimes it feels like Kylie Jenner changes her hair more often than we change our bras, and we aren’t even that gross – she’s just experimental AF.

It all started with the blue dip dye – the one we all laughed at at first, but then found ourselves almost booking ourselves into some edgy east London hair salon to copy.

We didn’t, luckily.

Lucky because we then fell in love with her green hair, her grey hair, her literally every other colour ever hair. And we quite frankly don’t have the money or energy to copy all of these.

Plus, we’re neither as famous nor as cool as Kylie – so we’d look frankly ridiculous.

A lot of the time when she changes her hair it’s just a wig – like that time she sported a blonde one for her 18th birthday last year (we forget she’s not about 30 too).

But now it looks like she’s opted for a more permanent change – as she’s actually gone and bleached her hair for real.

We know it’s real because she Snapchatted the whole thing, complete with dog filters.

If it is a wig, she’s gone to a hell of an effort at convincing us.

She also looks like she had the most relaxing hair dying session EVER – she even had a BBQ midway through.

WHAT hairdresser does she go to?

Actually never mind – as if we could afford it. Lol.

In other silly Kylie news, she recently spent LITERALLY MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS on the house NEXT DOOR to hers.

‘Cause you can never have too many LA mansions, eh?

The purpose of the house is to be as a hangout pad for her mates – whatever happened to teenagers just hanging out on the common drinking cider?

It apparently also has a pool AND Jacuzzi. Of course it does.

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