Las Vegas Shooting: Daughter’s Viral Facebook Search For Injured Mother Shared Over 17,000 Times

SAN CLEMENTE, CA — After the Las Vegas shootings, Orange County mother Kara Barrett was on social media, learning of the stories of the lost, the wounded, listening to the sounds of a barrage of gunfire across the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Then, she saw a post that struck her to the core.

Taylor Hill, a 23-year-old resident of Banning, left her mother, Diane Hill, and a group of friends behind on Sunday evening to fly home and study for midterms. She’d gotten on a plane at 6:30 p.m. and missed the Jason Aldean concert.

At 11 p.m. Taylor Hill’s mobile chimed with one, two, twenty texts asking after her safety. Was she still in Las Vegas? Was she okay? Was her mom all right?

That is how Taylor learned that the concert she’d attended, planned for months with her mother and friends, had become the scene of a massacre.

“I texted my mom immediately, but I knew that she wasn’t going to answer,” Taylor Hill said in an interview with Patch News. “I just knew.”

Before she returned to Las Vegas to find her mother, Diane Hill, and bring her home, Taylor posted the plea with all of the information she was able to gather, and a picture of the two of them on Facebook.

My mom was shot. No idea where on the body. 2-3 men grabbed her and helped her away from the open fire. THESE MEN HAVE MY UNDYING GRATITUDE!
The group was separated from her during this and no one has heard from her since.
My aunts and I have not slept since we heard right when it happened.
We have called EVERY SINGLE number you can think of, hospitals, police, loved ones line, but with 500+ rushed to hospitals and most without IDs the most you can do is put their name on a list in the hopes they can identify. So the numbers are not useful just yet because everyone is working tirelessly to heal the wounded..
I’m at a loss of words. I’m angry, scared, feeling immeasurable grief and guilt that I should’ve been there to protect her. God I love you Mom
I am heading back to Vegas now, not alone, and not sure how but I will find her and bring her back. Thank you for all support, I will keep you updated

Then, on her way to Las Vegas, she posted one simple statement:

I’m going to find you and bring you home.

Barrett shared the post that came to her as part of the viral Facebook post, to a group of Orange County women. In turn, hundreds more shared the same story, all concerned and praying for a woman they didn’t know.

“I felt compassion for (Taylor Hill’s) situation, and her determination to find her mother was so strong that I knew that her story needed to be shared,” Barrett said. “I am just so glad she’s alive and her family has found her.”

Read the full story of Taylor Hill’s search for her mother on Banning Patch.

Photos, courtesy Taylor Hill

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Originally published Oct 6, 2017.

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