Lena Dunham’s ex Jack Antonoff denies Lorde romance

LENA Dunham’s ex-boyfriend, Jack Antonoff has been forced to deny rumours that he is dating Kiwi singer, Lorde.

It was revealed earlier this month that the Bleachers frontman and Girls creator Lena Dunham had split earlier this month after five years together.

Lorde has spoken in the past about how close the pair are, telling Billboard that when she first came to New York, “we were very obsessed with each other on a creative level and as buds.”

Lorde worked with Antonoff on her hit album Melodrama.

“We still FaceTime almost every day … I’m like, ‘Hey, d**khead, what are you getting me for Christmas?’ ” she said.

After Dunham deleted a photo of Lorde and Antonoff off her Instagram, the internet started speculating that they may now be a couple.

Dunham and Lorde are both close friends with Taylor Swift, who has worked with Antonoff as well on previous albums.

Dunham, using Lorde’s real name, Ella, said she watched the pair create beautiful music together for Melodrama.

“Ella & Jack worked on most of this album in our apartment and it was a privilege to watch her create and feed her little snacks,” said Dunham.

Antonoff called the rumours “dumb hetero normative gossip”.

“Normally I would never address rumours but I resent having the most important friendships and working relationships in my life reduced to dumb hetero normative gossip. those relationships are deeply important and sacred. with that said, im not seeing anyone. lol,” he tweeted.

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