Let It Be Sunday, 147!

Hello sweet friends!  

Tell me you’re deep into this weekend feeling your finest!  I’ve indulgently got the heater running, and so far have the Christmas lights up on my tree.  It’s been one of those weekends with lots of joy and gathering, some chores and some sorrow, but here we are greeting another day with gratitude.  

Here’s some of the links that struck me this week.  I hope you find a handful of food reads: 

  All the garbage comes and goes but be happy, be thankful – getting old helps. It’s Thanksgiving. Be Happy.      

  Here’s something we can do in the midst of this year’s holiday smash:  How To Fine Tune Your Gratitude Practice.

  This article from 1971 still holds strong.  Truly, who wouldn’t want a wife!?  I Want A Wife.

  Getting a dog may save your life, especially if you’re single.  You hear that, Tron? Either we’re getting a dog or you’re doing to have to get into walking on a leash.  

•  Do you understand what’s happening with the fight for Net Neutrality ?  We need it.  We need to not lose it and here’s how to fight for it

  Ok so this is either about grass clippings or politics… but probably grass clippings: The Bizarre True Story of the Neighborhood Scuffle That left Rand Paul with Six Broken Ribs

 Celebrity DJ Paris Hilton Says She Invented The Selfie, the NYT investigates. Sit down, be humble, LOL forever. 

  I’ll tell you what, I was a miiiiighty fine cookie seller in my day. Correction: my parent’s sold to everyone at their jobs and I would stand outside of grocery stores every weekend selling cookies so really it was a family effort but humbly, we nailed it.  Also, more importantly:  How a Girl Scout Sold The Most Cookies in Brooklyn and she’s sharper than all of us.  Bravo.

  Will you make homemade holiday presents this year?  Here are a few things to get workin’:  Homemade Vanilla Extract  //  Homemade Lip Gloss  //  Homemade Warming Mustard Bath

  I have a big ol piece of ham in my refrigerator that is about to be Split Pea Soup in case you wonder what I’ll be eating until next March.  

  This will be helpful:  20 Quick and Easy Dinners from The Kitchn

  Just wanted to let you know this gold sequin cat pillow is on sale. 

•  If you’re into true crime like meeeeeee – I’m listening to Season 2 of Accused.  

Enjoy this fine day!

xo Joy

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