Liam Payne Schools James Corden In Hilarious Boy Band Vs. Solo Artist Riff-Off

Liam Payne knows a thing or two about boy bands AND how to rock a solo career. So the last thing James Corden should have done was challenge him to a boy bands vs. solo artists riff-off on the ‘Late Late Show’ on Sept. 6. But he did, and the result is hilarious!

James Corden, 39, was minding his own business talking to the Late Late Show studio audience on Sept. 6 about how he’s been really getting back into boy bands recently. In fact, he was in the middle of singing the song that had been stuck in his head all day, the Backstreet Boys‘ “I Want It That Way,” when he stopped and declared boy bands are better than solo artists. Boy, was that a mistake! Out walked guest Liam Payne, 24, (who now has a successful solo career) ready to go toe-to-toe with James on this very important issue, even though it wasn’t time for his interview yet!

“I just heard that you’ve been saying that boy bands are better than solo artists,” Liam said, angrily. Though he hilariously admitted that “boy bands are great,” he said James just can’t be “slamming solo artists.” So he called out The Filharmonic to help him challenge James to a riff-off to decide who was truly right! “There’s a real chance if this happens you’re gonna look a little bit silly,” James said. “Is that a chance you’re willing to take?” “Sure is, man. Better get down here!” Liam said. The got up in each other’s grills, nose to nose, and Liam said, “this just got very, weird very quick,” to the laughter of the audience. James said he had boy band hits since before Liam was born and Liam said he has boy band hits of his own and then it was on!

James whipped out *NSYNC‘s “Tearing Up My Heart,” then Liam countered with George Michael‘s “Faith.” Then James busted out Hanson‘s “MMMbop” and Liam crooned Ed Sheeran‘s “Shape Of You.” Then James teased Liam because he wasn’t singing any hits of his own, to which Liam replied with an epic rendition of his new track “Strip That Down.” James finally conceded that was “incredible” and Liam admitted there is a place for both solo artists and boy bands — after all, he’s in one! Of course that lead into them singing One Direction‘s “Best Song Ever.” The whole audience got up to sing it with them and it was truly amazing!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of the riff-off? Do you like boy bands or solo artists better? Let us know below!

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