Lincoln police officers pose for ‘It’-themed photo. It goes viral on Facebook

Playfully calling out two other departments in the process, the Lincoln Police Department got a lot of laughs, likes and social media shares after posting a photo parodying Stephen King’s “It.”

The photo shows four officers (not identified in the post), with one following a line of doughnuts down a storm drain. The familiar sights of a clown and a floating red balloon round out the image.

Posted to Facebook on Friday night, the post had racked up more than 89,000 likes and more than 100,000 shares as of Saturday afternoon.

“Ok, Gainesville had the ‘hot cops’ and Loudon had the ‘cop on a bucket’ so the Lincoln (CA) Police Department decided to join the fun. Clown – ‘Hey guys, I have donuts down here!’ ” the post reads.

In the week since “It” got its wide release in the U.S., the box office hit has sparked a bit of a cultural phenomenon.

The horror movie’s impact has ranged from balloon pranks to clown-only screenings.

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