LOL: Masika Kalysha Got Played For A Fool By This Former NBA Player

Masika Kalysha loves a good social media moment, but when she recently tried to make one out of a recent photo op with a well-known NBA baller, it seemed to blow up in her face.

See what went down on the last Love & Hip Hop reunion with BET Breaks, above.

It all started when the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star posted a photo of her and basketball player Matt Barnes, together, with the caption, “Late post: I took a picture with a fan… I forgot to get his name.”

Now, girl…

After a fan called her bluff, claiming she knew very well who he was, she responded, saying that “most of her fans are ball players.”

Not one to tolerate disrespect at his expense, Barnes hopped in the comments section below the post and set the record straight, claiming that Masika, in fact, was the one who asked for the picture.

Take a look at the exchange, below:

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