Madhavan’s A ‘Little Embarrassed’ Now By THAT Viral Selfie

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  • R Madhavan’s selfie went crazy viral end of last month
  • The photo had garnered over one lakh ‘likes’ on Instagram in a day
  • It currently stands at almost one-and-half ‘likes’ on Instagram

New Delhi: Of course you remember actor R Madhavan’s selfie, which went crazy viral end of last month and continues to collect ‘likes’ on Instagram. Not only did the picture send the Internet into absolute meltdown, fans unabashedly swooned over the 47-year-old actor and his new look (Madhavan has reportedly lost some 11 kilos recently). Almost a week later, Madhavan confesses that the viralness and the gushing responses left him ’embarrassed’ and overwhelmed. He told PTI that he’s also “under pressure” for that’s not how he looks all the time IRL. “Now I’m a little embarrassed and under pressure because I don’t look like that all the time and I am trying to see if I can be accepted again as a normal-looking guy. That was an unprecedented amount of attention from the world. I am embarrassed and thankful at the same time,” PTI quoted Madhavan as saying.

The photo garnered over one lakh ‘likes’ on Instagram, over 78,000 reactions on Facebook and over 1,600 shares within 24 hours of it being shared. “Morning light post a shower… feeling fresh after a good long nights sleep… after the long travels,” is how Madhavan captioned the pic produced below.

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Twitter is very opinionated, as we know, and the levels of objectification were off the charts. “Everyone should appreciate beauty. Right now I am taking time out to appreciate this beautiful man,” one smitten fan wrote. From another: “I cannot even… He’s so beautiful, it hurts!” At home, Madhavan blushed. The 3 Idiots actor’s post currently stands at almost one-and-half lakh ‘likes’ on Instagram.

Madhavan’s new look caused such a frenzy because he’s become somewhat known for boy-next-door roles. In the Tanu Weds Manu films, his character was portly rather than likely to quicken pulse rates.

R Madhavan is best known for films like Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein, 3 Idiots, Rang De Basanti and Saala Khadoos. He is currently awaiting the release of Tamil gangster drama Vikram Vedha, directed by Pushkar and Gayathri.

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