Man goes viral belting out national anthem on Wal-Mart intercom

An Ohio man is gaining viral attention after singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” over a loudspeaker in a Wal-Mart while vacationing with his family.

James Fruits, 40, of Cleveland, was captured on video while performing at the retail supercenter in Osage Beach, Missouri, on July 8. Wal-Mart posted the footage on its Facebook page, where it’s received 590,000 views since Tuesday.

“It’s blown me way and I am honored and humbled that so many people are loving it so much,” Fruits told ABC News today. “I am happy to brighten people’s day and I definetely feel like that’s my life’s mission — to make a differnce wherever I am. So if that’s bringing a smile to people’s faces while I’m on vacation with a video of me singing the national anthem, then so be it.”

His performance was filmed by his son, Malachi Fruits, 15.

The elder Fruits said he first started singing on a friend’s dare while in an aisle with American flags on display. A store manager overheard and asked him to sing over the intercom.

“They wanted me to do it again and I said, ‘Yea!'” Fruits added. “People gathered around and cheered and there were some Wal-Mart employees there as well. I thought great timing being around the Fourth of July and being in the heart of Missouri where people seem to be super patriotic.”

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