Marnie Simpson reveals she has never been happier since coming out as bisexual

Geordie Shore star opens up about sexuality and co-stars reactions

MARNIE Simpson opened up about her sexuality and revealed that coming out is “the best thing” she’s ever done. 

The Geordie Shore star graced the new issue of the LGBT magazine, Diva, spoke out about her co-stars reactions to her coming out. 

Marnie Simpson opened up about her sexuality last month [Wenn]

Last month, Charlotte Crosby spoke out about the news in Now Magazine, and said that while she is supportive of her friend and co-star, she doesn’t think she will end up in a serious relationship with a woman. 

Holly Hagan’s best friend explained: “This is a very new stage in Marnie’s life. I don’t think we should take it too seriously yet. 

Co-star Charlotte Crosby revealed Marnie came out the crew in their WhatsApp group [Getty]

“She told us all in our WhatsApp group. I wasn’t surprised by it [but] I can’t imagine her finding love with a woman. I’m actually LOL-ing.” 

However, in the interview with DIVA, Marnie revealed she isn’t too bothered by what her Geordie Shore family have to think. 

“I’m still really shocked at how nice everyone’s been,” she admitted. 

But then went on: “Let them think what they want to think. It doesn’t really bother us that no one is taking it that seriously. 

Marnie graced the cover for the new issue of LGBT magazine, Diva [DIVA]

“As long as I’m out in the open and true to myself, that’s all I care about.” 

The brunette beauty also opened up about the rumours she is dating her friend, Natalie Phillips. 

Since their early Geordie Shore days the girls appearances have dramatically changed – from Charlotte Crosby to Marnie Simpson check out the Geordie lasses transformations  

She has shared a few pictures with her friend over the past few weeks, as well as some flirty posts. 

However, the reaction has clearly annoyed the reality star, as she said: “Now, if I’m seen with any girl at all, it’s like, ‘That’s Marnie’s new girlfriend!’” 

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