Meek Mill Fights With Comedian Jess Hilarious Who Relentlessly Clowns His Outfit

Meek Mill pointed his Twitter/IG fingers at comedian Jess Hillarious yesterday.

And she came back twice as hard.

Jess had been dogging Meek on the Gram, so he started making fun of her look.

Bad idea, when you have some pretty questionable photos of yourself floating around.

Jesse seized on one of those images and went in. And in and in and in.

“Taking about looking like one of thots you and your homeboys be fucking,” Jesse said with a photo of Meek wearing a very feminine outfit in the other frame. “Bitch you look like one of thots you and your homeboys be fucking.”

Then she went for round 2.

“Drake chill, that’s a female,” Jesse mocks amid a rapid fire attack of insults.

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Is this another L for Meek?

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