Mega-Viral Message To Share With Your OLD #friends

“Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow-ripening fruit.” – Aristotle


Rat Rob: Lovey WAIT! Don’t eat me! We are Friends and I follow you on all my social media!

Cat Lovey: Lovey knows, your meager likes, shares, and comments.

Caption: Mega-Viral Message To Share With Your OLD #friends

       I.           Social Friends – Keep them, Viral Happy

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, the list goes on and on, and each social network has one thing in common… Friends and followers.  People, you must please, in fact, you must feed them in your data feeds with fresh content.  Monthly content posts, Weekly, and Daily.

There are hundreds or thousands to millions of lists and hashtags you can follow and build your own followers to get your content to go viral.  All the while feeding the beast that is your own social footprint.

It requires in today’s world not just posting good content but now every audience on each network has their own needs.  One thing has not changed is low-performance followers/friends.

Is there value in quality of friends? Over large quantity of friends?

The ratio of Friend/followers was a big deal for a long time on Twiter a few years back when I was in the SEO world.

Does it play any part today?… On the top 5 social media accounts?

Should I UN-Friend OLD #frineds?

       II.            Should I UnFriend OLD #friends?

This is social media, so it’s not like we’re developing different maturing attitudes in life. We are just posting stuff.  Some people we connect with for a while, some we re-connect with – that can get by with a few likes and a share here and there–so, they know we are still around.  There are different needs in social media, then in real life. Social media is not a popularity contest.  Many use it for many different agendas.   But if your followers/friends are not progressing that agenda, it might be time to share the Mental Health Humor Cartoon.

Instead of unfriending, I was given a suggestion: add old friends to the restricted list. So they visit your profile (that you have sort of unfriended them) Or

Unfollow them so you won’t receive any of their updates in your newsfeed. But if you want to know what they are up to…you just need to visit their profile.

But you can still check out their profiles from time to time.

Thanks to Jack C. for the kind way of unfriending… “because who knows, years down the track you may wish to talk to them again.

Mental Health Humor and psychological disorder humor and cartoons by Chato Stewart


   III.           “Why Facebook won’t get you any more friends” Professor Robin Dunbar, University of Oxford

[embedded content]

 University of Aberdeen

This is an interesting video if you can get past the title, and the fact that there are only a few pople in the class room (given the title).

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